Vintage Antique Pub Stools, Tables and Mirrors For Sale, Bradford Shop


Welcome to K&U Vintage Pub Furniture, and Konshuz Interior Design.   SHOP OPEN 8AM - 10PM
K&U Pub Vintage Furniture are the North of England's most comprehensive independent supplier of purely vintage pub furniture and décor.  Visit our "Pub Aladdin's Cave" located around the corner from ASDA's supermarket, Dudley Hill, Bradford for items for your micropub, café bar, bistro, pub, club, man cave, woman cave or home bar.  We are open seven days a week from 8.30am to 6.30pm, so ring 0845 051 8077 to arrange a personal visit today.

Specialising in stylish, top-quality reclaimed pub treasures, our stock range changes week to week. Whilst we always have traditional cast iron pub tables and pub stools in-stock, some one-off items such as 1980s light-up signs or unusually branded pub clocks cannot always be restocked. Arrive ASAP to get the pick of our stock. We have hundreds of different items available, but we have pickers who visit auctions and can select specific items you or your business require.  Give us a ring!  

Solid, sturdy short and tall pub stools are a K&U speciality.  Manufactured through the years, we sell real honest-to-goodness classic pub furniture made to last, which cannot be said for modern contract furniture items which snap easily after just a few years.  It really is true that today's pub furniture is not "made to last", which is why discerning customers are advised to settle for distinctive reclaimed pub furniture from yesteryear, rather than paying top dollar for bland, soulless brand new items.  

If you are after something which will last longer than a lifetime, look no further than heavy classic cast-iron pub tables which exude class, look beautiful, weigh an absolute tonne, and won't tip over, when leaned-on.  Whilst we also stock classic solid-wood pub tables, our cast iron stock comes highly recommended, and all at reasonable prices. For larger trade orders, where you require more than a handful of traditional pub furniture items, always ring and reserve before you visit, to make sure we have the numbers of specific pieces awaiting your personal visit to our unit, to avoid disappointment.  Our phone lines are open seven days from 8.30am to 10pm, so give us a call anytime.  

For all customers, we can reserve up to a week for most items. Call us now for a chat on 0845 051 8077.  

Micropubs require hand-pull beer pumps, which we can supply, but also items like advertising pub mirrors, some of which are extremely hard to come by.  With brands from whisky through to beer, cider, cigars, cigarettes, chocolate, mustard, and lots, lots more, plus large art-deco Mucha bar mirrors, we can help you create just the theme you are looking for.  We also stock classic 1970s hand-carved wooden Country Corner pub wall plaques, and a vast range of branded and rustic pub wall clocks guaranteed to make your pub look traditional and authentic. As with all our reclaimed vintage retro merchandise, stock comes and goes quickly, but we always have a vast range of similar items available, so if you are looking to create the right mood, and require quality items at affordable prices, visit us today.  

Our stock range is incredibly varied, and includes classic pub stools, retro vintage advertising pub mirrors and signs, plus antique cast iron tables at reasonable prices. We also supply classic bar runners, optics, glasses, and anything else needed to create your bespoke pub environment, be it commercial premises or personal decking "pub shed" project. 

Supplying both our commercial industry customer base, and domestic man cave / home bat customers, we aim to please, and always have a nice range of items in stock.  Anything not currently available, can be ordered.  Where necessary, we seek bespoke items to meet your requirements, sourcing clearance agents, auction rooms, and private collectors for great condition specialist furniture and décor. 



We don't just sell vintage delights.  Our renowned interior design service will assist you in changing the look of your licenced premises, restaurant, home bar, or mancave, from the carpets to the ceiling, to the doors, walls and bar.  Everything will be designed / redesigned / rearranged to suit your ultimate taste.  With our keen eye for detail,  every item of furniture or décor we source is a reclaimed vintage treasure, meaning quality and distinctiveness for you, and caring and respectful to Planet Earth's fragile environment.  We can enlist skilled joiners, electricians, and decorators to assist you in your plans., to ensure your dreams come true. 

Whilst our Dudley Hill, Bradford shop located a mile from the M606 motorway, is open 7 days a week, long hours from 8am to 10pm, we also offer a nationwide courier service, using furniture rather than parcel couriers, for protected deliveries. 

We regularly dispatch consignments of tall and short pub stools nationwide.  Ask us for a quote, if you seek a particular amount of pub furniture, from a single item upwards.  Unlike some of our competitors, we have no minimum order requirements. 

Especially popular with home bar / mancave customers, besides mirrors and signs, we also supply usable hand pumps that can connect via beer lines to real ale casks, or more conveniently, 20 litre polypin boxes. 

If you are unable to make an appointment to pop by our trade shop for a chat, and discover our wares, please ring 0845 051 8077 to discuss your requirements, so we can supply quality vintage furniture items via mail order.  To reiterate, vintage, wooden pub stools are our speciality, stocking the largest supply in West Yorkshire, and perhaps the North of England. 


Besides sales, K&U also hire furniture and décor for event purposes.  Advance planning - simply ring us for a quote, allowing sufficient time (if possible) for us to meet your needs, so we can arrange delivery and pick-up of items, if necessary. 


If you are hosting a public or private event, whether a wedding or funeral party, a public gig, or a club night, Konshuz Design are fully primed to arrange the furniture and décor for the event space, but we are also skilled quality graphic designers, who love producing logos, posters and fliers for the entertainments scene.   Call us on 0845 051 8077 for more information.  Lines open 24.7. 

As explained above, our trade unit is open to the general public.  All visits are currently by appointment only.  Please call us on 0845 051 8077 to arrange a visit!   We are easy to find, and located near ASDA's supermarket, Dudley Hill.  Ring to book a look around our Aladin's cave.